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VEICHI 11KW 3PH Solar Pump Inverter

VEICHI 11KW 3PH Solar Pump Inverter

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Veichi SI 23 variable speed drive for solar pumping applications. This model is intended for supplying Output AC380V/3PH/11KW/25A pumps.

  • Advanced MPPT with efficiency can reach 99%.
  • Several protective measures.
  • Hybrid power supply with compensation.
  • Monitoring through the GPRS network.
  • Compatible with most surface and submersible pumps.
  • Solar pump protection functions: Dry running, low frequency protection, minimum power protection, level protection, pump overcurrent protection , etc.
  • Basic protection functions: Over voltage, under voltage, inverter over current, module fault, inverter overload, motor overload, earth fault , short circuit to earth fault , input phase loss, output phase loss , inverter overheating, etc.
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